Account Management 7

How to update contacts and password.

Advanced Management 2

How to edit the .htaccess file. Caution, incorrect syntax can crash your web site!

Backup/Restore 7

Tutorial on how to take a backup, Restore backup.

Cron Jobs 5

How to add, edit, and manage scheduled actions.

Database Management 22

About how to Create, Edit, Delete Database, or Database Username in cPanel.

DNS - Nameservers 6

Update Domain Nameservers at, Namecheap, Godaddy, DynaDot, LogicBoxes Based Registrar.

DNS Record Management 12

How to edit and manage DNS zone file records.

Domain Management 21

How to Remove, Add, Edit Addon Domain, Parked Domains & Redirect Domain.

Email Management 63

How to manage cPanel email, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2019.

File Manager 8

How to add, delete and manage your files using the File Manager

FTP 18

How to Create, Delete, Manage cPanel FTP Account.

PayPal 7

Tutorials on PayPal Payment Gateway.

PHP 10

How to manage PHP versions and configuration.

Security 10

Password Protected Directory, IP Blacklist, Hotlink Protection, etc.


How to install and use public and private keys to access SSH


Tutorials on generating CSR, cPanel AutoSSL, SSL/TLS, etc.

Web Disk 4

How to use cPanel's Web Disk utility.

WordPress 17

Tutorials for WordPress.

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