Domain Registration Scam

Domain Registration Scam

If you receive a postal letter from Domain Registry please be warned that this is a scam that has been around for years, yet people keep falling for it. The letter looks official. It contains your domain name, your domain's expiration date, and it tells you in urgent language that it's time to renew it. And if you don't renew it then you will lose your domain forever.

The problem is, your domain is not registered with Domain Registry. If you carefully read the letter you will see it is a deceptive effort to get you to change your domain registration to them. This is called "domain slamming" and this is just one of dozens of unscrupulous companies that engage in this deceptive practice. The cost listed is almost always  2 to 3 times the cost of your current registrar. For example, Happy Dog charges just $17.99 per year for .org domain registrations. As you can see from the scan of the letter, Domain Registry charges $50 for the same thing!

There are similar scams out there, such as the ones that look like a domain registration renewal announcement but are actually listing services for up to $100. And there is the Chinese scam that has been going around, which tells you someone in China is trying to register your domain, but with a different extension, such as, so they will register it for you on your behalf for an exorbitantly high price.

To avoid these scams always know who your domains are registered with, and always keep them in Locked status. Or better yet, keep them registered with Happy Dog. Our prices will always be fair and honest, and we will always warn you well in advance when your domains are pending their expiration dates. Plus it's so much easier to manage all of your web hosting services from within one account.

If you ever receive a questionable solicitation in the mail or as an email, please feel free to ask us if it's authentic or not. We're always there to keep our customer's safe.

Posted  11/12/2019, 12:03pm

Updated:  11/12/2019, 12:10pm

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