Happy Dog Web HostingHappy Dog started out as a small web design firm in 2001. We built scores of great web sites, only to see them suffer by being hosted by poorly performing hosting companies. We then decided to branch into the hosting business so that our web sites would perform at the level we intended. Originally hosting only the sites that we built, we have since opened up our superior hosting to the outside world, much to the delight of our customers.

Reliable, Fast, and Secure. Your web site deserves the best hosting environment possible. Happy Dog offers hosting for every size web site, from personal home pages to large corporate ecommerce sites. Our high speed servers are located in the largest state-of-the art data centers in the US, with an enterprise-class network that utilizes multiple redundant connections to Internet backbone providers. All of our servers have consistently maintained better than 99.99% uptime, ensuring you a worry-free website. Oh, and did we mention fast?

The Highest Performance with LiteSpeed Server Software

Our servers use LiteSpeed, the fastest web server software on the planet. LiteSpeed is 6 times faster than Apache and 3 times faster than Apache over SSL. LiteSpeed processes PHP scripts, like Wordpress, 50% faster. LiteSpeed's Wordpress plugin makes pages load up to 75 times faster! Combined with PHP 8, solid state drives, and the latest HTTP/2 technology, your web site will fly! Our prices are extremely competitive for this level of performance.

The Highest Security Possible

We take security very seriously, from web site protection to spam prevention. All of our web servers are equipped with multiple layers of advanced security and firewall protection. This includes DDOS protection at the network and server level, advanced firewall protection at the server level, advanced intrusion interception at the server level, Malicious script interception at the server level, advanced spam interception at the server level, plus fully customizable spam protection at the account level.

Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

My previous hosting company was cheap but my site was really slow. Why is that?

As technology has developed, hard drive capacity has substantially increased. This means hosting companies can load thousands of web sites onto a single server, making them lots of money! But the end result is every web site on that server is competing for processor and memory resources with all of those other sites. This results in sluggish performance and frequent server crashes. This will never happen at Happy Dog. We limit the number of sites on each of our servers to maintain an optimal load, and this provides the fastest page loads possible for our clients' web sites.

I've seen some hosting companies offer accounts with unlimited space. Why don't you offer that?

Because we are an honest hosting company. The truth is these unscrupulous companies know you would never use that much space for a standard web site so they entice you with the "more is better" approach to get your business. If a single web site actually took up that amount of space it would fill the entire server! If you actually tried to use that unlimited space you would kindly be asked to close your account or upgrade to a dedicated server for hundreds of dollars more. At Happy Dog you get exactly what you need with no deceptive advertising. Our hosting accounts are more than generous with plenty of real hard drive space and real bandwidth, on uncrowded, highly secure, lightning fast servers. And if you need more space, just let us know. We take care of our customers as their sites grow.

How did you get your company name?

Happy Dog Web HostingFrom this little guy. His name is Ike and he's our ever-present office helper. Ike reminds us to keep having fun, no matter what our challenges are, and to always work with a positive attitude. If we stray from that philosophy Ike is always there to snap us out of a bad day. It's hard to stay grumpy when you return to your desk to find it piled high with dog toys - a subtle reminder from Ike to keep it light and fun. Ike drives us by example to be the best that we can be. He's the quintessential Happy Dog.